A sweet little POEM for my DEPARTING FRIEND

24 August, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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This is dedicated to my childhood pal who left this Thursday for New York City, U.S. to pursue his M.S. (Master's in Science) at NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) in C.S.(Computer Science). Jinal Shah, that's the name by which his family and close friends know him and Mr. INVISIBLE is the name by which I know him. No prices for guessing what's his status when he signs into Yahoo Messenger. Wonder what kind of flings he's had that he has to remain INVISIBLE. I hope now that he's reached a SAFE HEAVEN he does remain VISIBLE. One more thing, sorry dude, I had to write this post pretty much before you left but you know I'm good at procrastinating (nobody can actually do it better than me in this department) and that's what I've done this time round. Truth be told I had embarked on writing this blog a week before you left but my draft got to have something special, so it lay back there. Hence I guess the title of this blog should actually be 'DEPARTED' from 'DEPARTING'. Hmmm, in retrospect I still remember the treat which you threw the night before you left but the CHEESE MASALA DOSA is already flushed by now so no point mulling over that. What I relish is memories of our friendship right from our school days, Junior K.G. - to be precise. Junior college was a bit embroiling for us because of our schedules but our engineering days made sure we do remain in touch and with a brisk excitement every time we met or talked over the mobile. HTML clipboardAll thanks to you, for making a very good choice by getting the MTNL Dolphin scheme. Surely, a round of applause to you for that.

When I was in my 12th standard I read this sweet little poem at the back of a book and was so hooked to it that I read it everyday twice for a month. It meant so much to me in my heart for my friends. And now when you're leaving I wish the same for you. Decipher what you can, and rest I'll explain it over the messenger. Here it is as follows:

If I would ever need you,
I know you would be there,

Your smile makes me smile,
your pain makes me hurt.

I'll never stop being your friend,
don't ever stop being mine.