Windows 7 Enterprise Edition now available for download

10 September, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Previously, Microsoft released the RTM version of the Windows 7 for MSDN and Technet subscribers only. Surely with this, Microsoft seems to have forgotten it's actual audience - Corporate users. But justice be done, Microsoft has now released it's RTM for them (known as the Windows 7 ENTERPRISE Edition). What's even more interesting is that they are offering it even to the masses. So basically, even a home user can download and try it.

This version is actually meant for volume-licensing partners like DELL, LENOVO, etc as suggested by bloggers over MSDN but Microsoft has now released this 90-day trial to all. Microsoft recommends using the above release mainly for enterprise and business use, so they can gauge the feasibility of their latest OS release and plan in advance as to when they can upgrade their current OS over their machines.

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition

Some salient and worth noticing points on the Windows 7 ENTERPRISE EDITION:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition is not available as a Retail Copy.
  • You don't need a Serial Key to install the above ISO.
  • Microsoft recommends installing Windows 7 as a clean installation (please do not install it over any existing OS's over your computer)
  • It's a 90-day trial and activation period is 10-day as in contrast to the usual 30-day period.
  • Your PC will shutdown every hour after the 90-day period expires or till the moment you do not ACTIVATE IT OVER THE INTERNET,
  • The release is VALID till the end of 2010 (this means you'll not be able to run it after this date).

Try Windows 7 Enterprise Edition:

Download Windows 7 Enterprise Edition


  • Downloading the above COPY is recommended over Internet Explorer 8. The download can be resumed, if paused for a few hours. 
  • If downloaded over Firefox, it's recommended you use a 'Download Manager' either in the form of a software or an ADD-ON.