Blogging: Here I go.....

26 November, 2008 | | 0 comments |

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Well knowing all the pro's which blogging has over a long term; I've always wanted to have a shot at it from third year(me being in the fourth and the last year of Engineering currently) Procrastinator, that's what I am in a lot of activities, I kept on delaying this skill of blogging. Of late I've realized out of desperation that I've lost a lot by delaying it. I could have not only improved my vocabulary and writing skills but also burgeoned into a professional blogger But then, better late than never, now I'm loaded and ready to go. Also now I've been selected as an MSP(Microsoft Student Partner) after the formal selection rounds; it's binding on me that I maintain a regular blogging web-site. I take that thing positively.

Well me being a programming, gaming and technology freak, you'll see quite a majority of blogs on them but I'll surely try to put some light on other aspects like sports, films, economy, finance, etc.

Here are some famous quotes for this occasion:

"Blame yourself if you have no branchnes or leaves; don't accuse the sun of partiality" -- Chinese proverb

"They conquer who believe they can" -- John Dryden

Guru says Lolita.....