A recent research by a teenager shows Polythene bags are under an attack

06 August, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Well one of the most difficult conundrums of this generation seems to have been solved recently. Getting polythene plastic bags to decompose and degrade faster so that they can be recycled efficiently was the subject which a lot of environmentalists, scientists and science enthusiasts were in pursuit for a long time but with little success. Finally, a teenager named Daniel from Waterloo seems to have blown SMOKE out of it. Infact, Daniel and his mentor claim that this is first of it's kind research on polythene bags.

The subject of his research has been at the fore-front since many years in many research and essay competitions at schools and research universities but with this surely I guess it's all over. But maybe not, who knows, because you never know the implementation and commercialization might be found infeasible and this research might render it as another failure. Many researchers have made head-way into this topic with their own theories on it but as such nothing has come out of it.

Whatever it may be, but surely CREDIT must go to the 16 year old boy who's done it at this age and he's got the backing of some of the leading research mentors in his University. Backing apart, he now has several awards and a monetary scholarship to back him further. May God bless you my friend and hope your research work becomes successful. Bless you even if doesn't !!!

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