My Pidgin IM cries get acknowledged

23 August, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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This is with reference to my last-to-last blog on "Bugs spotted in Pidgin IM" which was posted by me on 16th August, 2009 here. Guess what, my requests, cries and my concerns have been duly acknowledged by the developers of Pidgin IM. Thanks to all of them. I desperately needed some refinements to Pidgin IM to remain loyal to it, in either case if it would not have been made then surely I was planning to migrate to other available IM options like Trillian, Empathy etc. Not only that, with this event, I have more reasons now to blog and improve on this habit.

As for readers and my other blog followers who are totally unaware as to what's going on in the AIR, let me make this matter explicit in the best of my words. With respect to my post on the issues and bugs faced in the latest versions of Pidgin IM I had written a blog on it. You can call it my outburst, something out of desperation. And the key to solving this mystery lay with the developers of Pidgin IM and believe me they have acted promptly. Pidgin IM latest release now has been promoted directly to version 2.6.1 from 2.5.8 with some extra-ordinary feature additions and bug fixes. Also libpurple library, the core engine and heart of Pidgin IM, has also been updated. In short, Pidgin IM is now much more stable and palatable. Apparently, it's yet to reach the standards of some singular IM's like Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Live Messenger etc but it'll gradually overthrow all the one's I listed above. Don't rate my judgement !!!

Coming back to bug fixes, Linux users are the biggest beneficiaries of it since they will experience some more feature additions as compared to Windows users. But as mentioned very distinctly on the web-site of Pidgin IM "2.6.1 adds XMPP Voice and Video support (but not on Windows yet) ". No issues, Windows users will surely get their pie very soon. Now I can surely trust the Pidgin developers.

Myriad of changes have been made in a short span of time. A detailed log on the same can be viewed here. (Link available till the next release)

  • For Pidgin enthusiasts on Windows and for novices:
You can download the latest release of Pidgin IM directly from my web-site here. Don't worry, the link to the download is always updated so you'll always get the latest release. By any way, if you're thinking to update it right from the IM then I'm sorry, Pidgin IM doesn't have the update feature built into it's engine.
  • For Pidgin enthusiasts on Linux Ubuntu distros:
Follow the instructions given here.