My last blog on Windows 7 before it releases tomorrow

21 October, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 and on & on goes the poem. Sometimes I feel I had enough of it since January(when the BETA released) but the very moment I get my hands on it the learning curve and the experience just keeps on getting better and better. So Windows 7 enthusiasts and it's bitter critics just watch out this blog coz I'm having stuff for both of you and even who stand out as an exception !!!

Windows 7 release

Such is this peace of OS and written so well by it's developers that it has spurned a myriad of threads on all Forums regarding the very granularities of it's features. Features like Aero, Home Network, Win XP Mode, etc has invoked a sense of curiosity and desperation among application developers and even those on web to replicate the same in their projects. And guess what, to cater to such a vast audience Microsoft has played indeed well - thanks to it's Windows 7 SDK, Visual Studio 2010 and Web Platform Installer. Propping it side-by-side is another very inherent feature in Windows 7 which most of the audience including the developer community tend to forget - .Net Framework SP1. Yes, you read it well, no need to read that line back but if you still want to, here you go - .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 goes native on Windows 7.

Trust your intuition, prediction and your wildest judgement and they all are going to be true - Microsoft is planning to flood .Net Apps to complement Windows 7 bigtime. Infact, it's not in the planning stage but the planning has already manifested cause - Microsoft has launched "Windows Market Place" and "CodePlex" for Mobiles and PC's. So all roads leading to the very inevitable conclusion - "Windows 7 is going to be one of the biggest release in the history of software". Well cynics still won't agree ... !!! So here's the official IDC report and the Gartner report to substantiate my claims.

So with Windows 7 set to release tomorrow I enumerate some very obvious and not-so-obvious facts and bits on Windows 7 :
  • A majority of audience who've tested it has labelled Windows 7 - "It's Windows Vista made perfect".
  • With Windows 7 Microsoft intends to grab it's lion's share in OS market after Vista sapped it. It might sound really surprising but Microsoft considers the fact that Windows 7 will succeed because of the success of Windows Vista.
  • Analysts, volume-licensing partners and other major vendors say Windows 7 is the most polished version of Windows ever and that businesses should not wait to deploy it till it's SP1 get's released.
  • The world's leading information technology research and advisory firm - Gartner has termed Windows 7 inevitable for all. With every dollar invested in Windows 7 businesses world-wide will earn a corresponding 8.4 $.