It’s going to be a war of Operating Systems this November

29 October, 2009 | | 2 comments |

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Having put the title of this blog it’s very easy to predict what I’m after. But I can’t resist myself from writing this blog, I’m at the matrix of witnessing a very fierce competition in the OS market. Yes, it’s true and the participants are some very aggressive, muti-billion dollar companies like Microsoft Corporation, Apple Incorporation, Canonical Ltd., Sun Microsystems, etc. Now when you have so very powerful competitors it’s bound to generate sparks and it’ll reflect in all parts of media. Frankly speaking and the way its visible for the moment, there are three parties vying for a share in the OS market – Microsoft, Apple and the open-source enthusiasts. The latter among the three is just growing upon time with backing from some big Fortune 500 companies like Sun Microsystems, IBM, Canonical, etc. So without wasting much time let me put a glint on what each participant has got.

Microsoft Windows 7 :

Microsoft Windows 7The Lucky 7 bells have already started ringing at the world’s number ONE company and the leading software giant in Operating Systems. With Windows 7 it again intends to steal the show and it seems it’ll succeed probably in a better fashion than at the time of Windows Vista. Virtualization, dynamic UI, robustness in terms of security, speed and much better hardware available this time in contrast to Vista is enough to conclude that Microsoft is all geared up to reign supreme after failing last time. Truth be told Microsoft has played all cards of the game this time very shrewdly cause -- The BETA, RC and RTM of Windows 7. And the people loved & relished testing it and won the hearts of all. From marketing point-of-view its free Windows 7 upgrade for a part of a crowd and discounts for the underprivileged. Furthermore, propping up Windows 7 are products which are Microsoft’s own creations – Visual Studio 2010, IIS 7.5, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, Live Messenger, Office 2010 and Web Installer. Also if the leading I.T. survey giants like Gartner and IDC are to be believed Windows 7 is just inevitable for all. A very good point to be noted in their report, with every dollar spent on Windows 7 it’ll return a corresponding 8.4 $.

Apple Macintosh Snow Leopard :

Apple Macintosh Snow LeopardOne common thing can be easily drawn out between Apple’s CEO Mr. Steve Jobs and Macintosh -- Both are CLASS EXTRAORDINAIRE. And who’s there to challenge this wise saying especially when Apple has already proven itself by becoming the best stock performer of 2009 and that too in the times of depression. It’s also a matter of fact that Apple has just not changed the meaning of software with Leopard but has changed the entire way of computing. No doubts Apple's Macbook and iPhone are an asset of the privileged class and it’s fan followers just hate even thinking about Windows. Also acknowledge the very fact that Apple has a very limited footprint in OS market but a very strong and cent percent footprint in whatever it does, let it be the hardware or software. Add to Apple’s advantage that it has cent percent control over its Macbook hardware and hence can choose to cater to only the privileged class and demand a good ransom. But it has done really well till now and with Snow Leopard available as a petty 29$ upgrade it's set to ROCK ON AGAIN. Personally speaking, I feel really impotent while speaking on the very genetics of Apple’s OS since I myself don’t have an Apple Macbook.

Linux and its many variants :

Linux Ubuntu 9.10For a majority of PC users, its just a handful of users in case of Linux but underestimating it will be the biggest mistake. True with whatever I’ve said the OLD WINE just keeps on getting better and better with refinements, feature additions and a much better hardware support. So many variants are available in Linux that I’m short of time and thoughts as to which DISTRO I should write on. Talking about Ubuntu 9.10 which is one of the most liked versions of Linux, it is set to be released this 29th October, 2009 and it’s a much awaited release since a majority of features are set to be revised. Inherent features like Voice-over-Messenger, Open-Office, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3, etc are a treat for the open-source followers, cost-cutting enthusiasts and those who believe in the very notion that software is our birth right and should be available free. Long live the ideology of Linux developers and its followers which are just growing day-by-day. Adding to the Linux party, even Google with its Google Chrome OS will be seen as a credible and a prominent competitor within a year.


Lionel Cyril said...

hope many other S/w tht support win 7 will b out soon...

Cyrus said...

Hahaha Dude u seem to love Win 7 like nething ....... yeah n i heard abt VS10...Its awesome Especially its testing feature..
hope to lay my hands on it Soon