Tried "Windows XP Performance Edition" -- It failed and failed miserably

06 June, 2009 | | 7 comments |

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Just tried an illegal, manipulated copy of Windows XP named "Windows XP Performance Edition, March 2009" obtained from one of my friends who procured it VIA BitComet and believe me the entire experience taught me a lesson albeit in a practical way. Being an MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) I should not be encouraging any use of illegal or inauthentic copies of software especially from Microsoft but the ploy of this blog is valid enough to encourage you to try this illegal copy so you'll get know the importance of "Genuine and License Software". You'll also understand as to why Microsoft spends millions behind it's "Genuine Advantage" campaign to enlighten the end-users about the pro's of using genuine Microsoft software.

Download Windows XP Performance Edition:
(Try it at your own risk though)

Click to download Windows XP Performance Edition

Windows XP Performance Edition

Now about "Windows XP Performance Edition":

  • An illegitimate, manipulated version of Windows XP released over Torrent sites by a user known by his alias "" in a bid to remove all not-so-required windows components and automated tweaks to achieve the best possible performance.
  • The source is an ISO file which comes preloaded with Microsoft latest Service Pack 3 (SP3). The ISO file is in a highly compressed format weighing just 256 MB in contrast to the size of the genuine version which is 650 MB.
  • The "i386" folder has been smartly manipulated by the illegitimate author to remove many Windows components like Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Messenger, Mouse pointers, Games, Networking components, additional drivers, additional services etc in a bid to achieve high performance. Also a lot many tweaks to the Registry Editor are made inherent to facilitate more ease for the user.
  • The ISO also contains a crack for "Genuine Advantage validation" .
  • The author claims that this Edition also works well on Virtual machines like Virtual Box v2.2.1, Virtual PC 2007, VMWare etc.

But the real blunder is when the author in a bid to remove windows components to reduce the size and attain best performance has also removed essential windows components and hence a lot many errors, failures, inconsistencies and flaws can be witnessed. The feasibility over a long term for this illegitimate product can be put to nil from all my observations and experiences with it after just an hour of experiments.

The intent was good from the author's point-of-view but I don't thing he'll be successfull before 10 more revised realeases.

No IIS(Internet Information Services) in it and cannot be added by any way. That's just one example. The story goes on and on ....

The biggest JOKE - Type "control" in Start-->Run and you see "Fault Exception error at a memory location 0x0054ca"
Want some more... - Type "devmgmt.msc" in Start-->Run and "mmc" fails.

I guess a lot many things are going to fail if I spend another day or two .... :) :)

Now my dear readers, I'm sure by this time you must have realized as to why Microsoft spends millions behind "Genuine Advantage" campaign and why genuine and authentic software is invaluable !!

Small note dated 11th Sept, 2011: I went through the comments recently and I do not rule out the fact that this Edition might have improved since this post have been written. A gentle request to consider the points in this post for the period and the version when this post has been written.

The link to the torrent download has been updated above.


Ernest said...

hmm...interesting to note. I was Googling for the OS wondering if there were any actual reviews amongst all those torrent links, and came up with this one. Good information to hear. I kinda was getting a sketch vibe based on all those torrent results in the first place! In all honesty, the modded OS, I believe, appeals to netbook users - that's what got it my inquiry. Windows XP is sufficient, I guess...but even with a gig of ram, it's not really "snappy" like I get from my Win7 on my full laptop or a Linux install. So, thanks for the info - I'll definitely be sticking to a legit copy of WinXP SP3 on a small partition, and the rest of the 160GB hdd will be devoted to Ubuntu Linux. I am cool with Microsoft, but I am just as supportive of FOSS software too (especially when the results are a good OS like that one...) Again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Got this version to try out, also. Well, it really sucks. Many scientific softwares crashes. I don't like M$, but this hack stinks.

Anonymous said...

hey come on..admit it, a copy of Microsoft genuine copy is so expensive than free copy of pirate version. plus, this is the only one with flawless functions.

Anonymous said...


Chris Ross said...

It has to be the fastest and most efficient version of windows I have ever run into. I have installed a fresh version of 7 on a HP DV9000 Dual core 2.6ghz w 2 gigs ddr2 vs xp performance on a compaq evo 550 P4 1.8ghz w 512 mb of sd ram. The compaq shutdown and started up in 27 seconds while the DV9000 with win 7 installed took 1 min and 13 sec. I was blown away by the difference. A computer built over 10 years ago is smoother and faster than a dual core laptop just released 2 years ago? I love windows 7 but nothing I have ever used even compares to the speed and reliability of xp performance edition.

Chris Ross
Allied Technical Solutions

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice try mr. Microsoft....the most updated versions work fine, none of the errors you listed are true.

The version is blindingly fast for a windows OS, and only had ONE issue so far with installing something, and i'm sure that was b/c it was an x64 program.

Nathan said...

This is really, Really, REALLY one-sided, lame, and downright dishonest. The one thing I want to address (although nearly the entirety of your post boggles my mind) is the statement about Microsoft spending millions on WGA. Despite this, Windows is still pirated every day, on every street in the world. In fact, the Government of China STILL runs on mostly pirated Windows. Hey, drop the f***ing price a bit (since you won't have the WGA to worry about), drop WGA (especially since it f***s up perfectly legitimate installs every day), and people would have less incentive to pirate it.