Star Trek : A not-so-enjoyable trek

13 June, 2009 | | 1 comments |

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Just watched the movie Star Trek a couple of days ago in a multiplex nearby. Phew !!! I should rather say I witnessed or spectated the movie rather than watched it because such was my experience. This movie was the second in my life in which I was tempted to walk out after the intermission but could not since I had spent some valuable money and would have offended my friends if I did so. By the way, the first movie was "Abhay" directed by Kamal Hasan and starring himself in the lead role with Raveena Tandon.

As usual with all action movies the chilling sequences at the start of the movie promised a humdinger but unfortunately it wasn't this time. A lot many times during the movie I had to assume some part of the story and sometimes even compromise with it to come in terms with the latter(I can't help himself since I cannot afford to just sit through the movie like a Couch Potatao). The experience was becoming so boring to the levels of desperation that I started fidgeting with my hair, pockets, mobile phone and legs. At one point I was hoping that the electricity trips to add some extravagant joy in the movie hall in this somber-some movie. I can now remember how my curiosity before the start of the movie has turned into boredom in the middle which lasted till the very end. I do not remember anything-literally nothing except some faint memory of words like Jim, Spark, Voyager, dad, mom and so on . As the movie progressed, I periodically looked at all my friends' faces who were seated to my left. I can see all calm and lost faces except one - "Joel" who had convinced us to watch this so called four star rated film. I'm sure in the course of the film he would be praying in his mind that his friends excuse him for this debacle.

But to be honest, he is not the one to be blamed. I now know and have realized for myself that my taste has changed - From the insatiable hunger for ACTION FILMS it has now transited to DRAMATIC, ROMANTIC, THRILLING and MATERIALISTIC FILMS. I now have films like Blood Diamond, Revolutionary Road, Wild Hoggs, Titanic etc in my favorite list. The list once included only action films like Rambo series, Rocky series, Mummy, Matrix etc.

Some of the basic rules still hold true while making decisions and they are as follows: (assuming of course you are not under any obligations or restrictions)

---> Listen to your heart and mind first

---> Make decisions which make you happy

---> You are unique in your very own way so be yourself and be free.

---> Lastly, stand by whatever decision you've made even if you're wrong.


Joel said...

Yes, the movie was a bit bland.... but you can't expect a Dark Knight to come around every time. Yes, the actors were boring and the characters were not built-up properly... even though the action was good, there were no gripping sequences and the story could have been better. I vouched for it only because of its novelty factor.