Windows 7 RC delayed to May 5, 2009

22 April, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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It's sad but I can't help it and obviously I cannot since it's a decision by the BIG BROTHER Microsoft . Yes, the RC release has been delayed to May 5, 2009. Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) which is kind of a pre-final version and an improved one over the exiting BETA is expected to have a lot of surprises and shockers for the testers. Oops, I missed out on this information but it's not just for testers but Microsoft is releasing it even for the masses. So even Home-Users, Students, Professionals etc can get their hands on it. Surely this is a good tactical and strategical move by Microsoft to ease out it's pain and the media drubbing at the time of it's OS release. This has happened at the time of VISTA so for obvious reasons to avoid it this time there are a lot of mind games being played out there and why not, when you can get thousands of testers providing feedback with a great enthusiasm (including me) and that too without any cost. So by this way Microsoft is becoming more flexible with it's customer base. You'll read more on 'Microsoft becoming flexible and amiable' in my later posts so stay tuned.

Surely it's a good move which is benefiting both the sides. Coming back to Windows 7 discussion, I've heard from my MSP Alumni senior named 'Chakkaradeep' who is also a moderator/writer on forums that Windows 7 RC is going to have more features to offer than the BETA release. Also it's expected that the compatibility and security issues are bound to improve as well. Will have to wait to see it myself.

With me over-excited to get my hands on the RC release which is already delayed, I hope RC lives upto it's expectations.

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