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25 April, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Canonical Ltd. have released their latest updated version of their Ubuntu OS version 9.04 (code-named Jaunty Jackalope) on 23rd April, 2009. Ubuntu which as per a survey by "The Computer Magazine" is one of the most sought after and used Linux OS in the user and enterprise market is surely going to receive a warm welcome by the masses. And why not, surely Ubuntu has proved to a boon to Linux, Open-Source Development and most importantly and not the least, the FOSS users/community.

Surely I can say one thing, not only can I expect this release to patch many flaws over the previous one but also more features and capabilities like Bluetooth, Wireless LAN etc will be added. The features I've listed above may already be there (I guess) in Ubuntu v8.10 (code-named 'Intrepid Ibex') but I can surely say that they've become much better in 9.04. I can quote an example to substantiate my claims here. Just a couple of hours ago I tried a wireless-Internet stick with service provided by Airtel, guess what, it worked well without requiring any driver. Infact what shocked me was that when it detected the removable device it gave me all possible options of all GSM-Internet service providers existing in India. I just had to select Airtel from the list and off I went.

But amongst all these additions and advantages put at our disposal by Ubuntu's latest release I still feel there's is a lot of scope for improvement. Here are the reasons and places where I feel where Ubuntu lacks the tang....
1] Some of the basic codecs required to run basic file-formats like mp3, mpg, avi are not installed by default. So in that case you got to find and install them from "Synaptics Package Manager" which requires an Internet connection and it's surely time-consuming. That's the same story for a lot of small utilities.

2] Also the execution and reaction/latency time for Applications is a lot too much if you compare with even Windows XP which is 7 years behind's Ubuntu's latest release.

3] Drives have to be mounted all the time when they are to be used for the first time which is sometimes a big pain.

4] Internet is just indipensable for Ubuntu. You just can't think of surviving without it. Now I know that the root problem is - a lot of Apps. are developed for Microsoft's Windows platform but the same kind of enthusiasm is not shown by developers towards Linux platform.

5] Besides the above, there are many more.....
I'm not a critic and a pessimist so I can't point out many mistakes. Can I...?

Finally, I just hope Ubuntu keeps on getting better and better and surely it will, for Ubuntu stands for "Humanity to Others" and that virtue according to me is perennial and perpetual.