Why don't we develop a programming language ?

23 February, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Well the question seems really bold and most people might feel blacked out when popped this question, so did I. This question was actually posted in "JAVA Guru" Community Forums in www.orkut.com

As the community name suggests it's for people from all fields and age groups learning JAVA and trying to get their respective answers over their queries. In some cases, individuals are JAVA professionals working in world-class organizations like Microsoft, Google, Infosys, TCS etc and are actually providing service to the ever-growing JAVA Community. As of today there are 54,857 members in the community which makes it the second ranked technical community by head-count in Orkut after C/C++ Programmers community.

So coming back to the question, which was a nerve-wrecking one and it didn't invoke any response from any of the users in the community which is in sharp contrast to the daily routine where none of the questions or threads are left unanswered. It left me dumb-founded for some time but then I came out with an opinion rather then an answer. So here's it goes....

No replies to this thread shows the interest of the community users in this topic.

But your bold question has surely touched my heart and mind and hence deserves my opinion....

Personally speaking I'm yet to learn the JAVA language in and out. I'm done with C, C++, Core Java but still learning ADVANCED Java. I also acknowledge the fact that when I say I'm done with a particular language means I know a topic within my realms.

Secondly, there are myriad of other languages which I've started learning like C#, Javscript 6.0, ASP , ASP.net etc which will take quite some time for me to attain proficiency.

Thirdly, I'm yet to attain proficiency in spoken and written ENGLISH language ..... Lolz... !!!

Besides the main aim of a programming language is to provide means by which a user can achieve his/her motives. So if a language can be developed which takes the users motives as I/P and comes out with the requisite O/P then that's what we should be looking for.... Certainly the analysis and processing should go into abstraction w.r.t the user. The user should get the desired results which may be a simulation, algorithm, GUI etc.

If you are ready to be a part of this team in this venture then we are game for this project....