When is Windows 7 going to be released....?

22 February, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Well it's a nice question actually. Microsoft officially planned to release Windows 7 in the last quarter of 2009. But then it officially came out in the open that it would be delayed a month or two, so it comes to 2009 end.

Now the latest speculations doing the rounds is that MS is again planning to delay it by a quarter more amid the current economic scenario. So now it comes to the first quarter of 2010. Interestingly, the Windows 7 RC1(Release Candidate) is planned to be released in April, 2009. Surely, testers and sophisticated users will be eager to get their hands on it considering it has myriad of changes over Windows 7 BETA.

Check out the link to find the advancements in Windows 7 RC1:


As per a latest feasibility report by "The Computer Magazine" software distributions has seen a low-down amid dropping interests among software users buying licensed software. Consumers are sticking to their old softwares for the time-being. These were a couple of reasons cited by the Magazine. Please note that these are still speculations and are not officially confirmed by MS.

By the way, Intel has also reported a drop in the number of chip sales in the last two quarters of 2008. Surely, there are many other examples which can be cited to believe that the speculations might be actually true.


Anyways, we keep our fingers crossed and wait for Microsoft to release the biggest software release of the decade.