Mumbai IT Pro - The inspiration behind it and my thoughts on it

26 September, 2010 | | 0 comments |

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IT industry has been one of the most sought after industry for the current generation in INDIA. But, the right people with the right skills and technical proficiency have always eluded companies and private organizations. Add to it, people who work in large organizations always find themselves falling short of skills and knowledge to deal with their project work. And the ones’ who possess both are fighting to find people of their caliber so they could network with them. A point to note, as per NASSCOM - 70% of graduates passing out are unemployable (including those passing in IT and computers branch).

Enter Mumbai IT Pro – A technology based user-group, founded by die-hard Microsoft fanatics and partly funded by Microsoft has primarily focused on the above mentioned critical issues which the current folks have been facing. We impart education (the practical form) in the form of sessions including hands-on-labs, videos, guides, etc. Some of the best in this business including corporate trainers, Microsoft MVP’s (Most Valued Professionals), IT Specialists, etc are a part of this team and share the same view. Apart from imparting education, users of this group are also enlightened to some of the most precious products about to release, preview programs, offers, quiz, etc.

Example : Microsoft Windows 7, Office 2010, Sharepoint 2010, etc.

The sessions are very dynamic including Q&A’s, social networking, quiz, etc. In short, the audience always find themselves in a win-win situation from fun way-of-learning to winning some goodies for themselves. Every quarter, a kind-of mega event is organized called as Community Tech. Day which is held at a neutral venue (other than Microsoft Kalina office) where we get an opportunity to get in touch with more passionate people and get them involved in our activities. The Tech. Day witnesses audiences over 500 with more than 800 streams online. A record in a way. Till date, Mumbai IT Pro has around 5000 members with around 1000 members online over their portal every day. Our very notion ‘ Connect + Share = Grow ’ says the entire story. Adding to it, making people realize the idea that working isn’t just for earning but it’s actually fun and can be relishing and enjoyable.

From my contribution P.O.V., I have been an active and regular part of this group since 2008 and since August 2009 on their portal. I always had this opinion that writing articles, blogs and guides on important technical topics/products would not only come handy to users but would always stay on record of the search-engines on the web and on the Mumbai IT Pro website. Hence writing has been my primary focus. Secondly, I hold the position of social enthusiast in the user-group, which means I contribute towards the evangelism and marketing of all events and activities over all popular social networks including Twitter and Facebook. A matter of fact, I’ll always be seen at all of the events volunteering in all possible sorts and sometimes getting desperate to win some goodies for myself …. ☺ ☺

Over time, I’ve won some accolades for myself from the community and have been absent for some periods due to my personal/professional commitments …. ☺ ☺

Following are some of them ::

  •     My profile over Mumbai IT Pro Here.
  •     Blogger of the month award – June 2010 Here.
  •     'Tech. Ed. on the road event' on 15th May, 2010 :: Here & Here.
  •     One of the samples guides (E-Book) I wrote for the user-group Here.

I’ll be more than pleased to mention some of our prominent members from Mumbai IT Pro team :

  •     Ashwin Kini (Chairman of Mumbai IT Pro, MVP, IT Specialist)
  •     Shabbir Ahmed (CCIE, MVP and one of best speakers we have)
  •     Aviraj Ajgekar (MCSE, MVP and speaker)
  •     Ankit Jain (MCSE, IT Specialist at IBM)
  •     Cyril Thomas (MS Exchange specialist and in-charge of events/sessions)
  •     Mohit Panchal (in-charge of events/sessions)
  •     Chirag Panchal (MCT, MCPD, speaker, Corporate Trainer)
  •     Hari Maurya (in-charge of newsletters/banner designs)

For more details on Mumbai IT Pro E-Mail ::