Arms race killing economies more than politicians, diseases and recession

07 March, 2010 | | 6 comments |

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Wacky topic and I surely got to start with a wacky and an eye-catching caption for the same. But big promises also mean big expectations which are a strict no-no, so I’ll better keep it simple. :) :)

"Did you know that India spends 20 BILLION DOLLARS as its defense budget considering the fact that hundreds of our civilians and soldiers just die by the day and through the year ?"

Add to the above caption a very shameful and shocking fact that India doesn't even retaliate against the perpetrators, even when it has something-to-be-proud-of defense budget. So what’s the point spending a BOMB on something which we’re not in a position to use ? Surprising it might sound, but this is the case with some of the most developed countries. Need some examples to quote – Russia (know Chechnya ?), Israel, India, etc. So why is that .. ?

Well, a lot of reasons actually and a majority of them might sound puerile and they indeed are. Those who are reading newspapers regularly it’s a revision for them albeit in a humourous manner. The points which I’ll be enumerating will surely remind you of the cat fights we used to have in our childhood days and the very simple do’s and dont’s which we were taught to wear during our school days but unfortunately we swear not to abide by them when we grow up. Still confused and guessing, read the mindset theories behind spending billions on unutilized defense budget

1. The theory of Deterrence :

The very obvious proclivity here is to have an even more powerful toy to keep the opponents in check and at bay.

2. The Threat theory :

Just because everything is calm and in peace means some precarious disaster is anticipated.

3. Dominance in the region means stripping others of the rights which we possess :

I have a patent to manufacture a BOMB so for obvious reasons you cannot and if you oppose I’ll impose sanctions.

4. A firm ingress into external matters means more grip on the current situation :

A smart sportsman is the one who not just knows his own game but even his opponents’.

But don't you think some of the best graduates from the most premier colleges who are running our countries know this ? Yes, they indeed do but as usual with majority of minds even they don't want to slog that extra bit to mitigate this matter and the others have just surrendered to this situation assuming there’s no solution.

So the natural question arises - am I going to provide any solution ? Well not exactly but yes I've got steps to resolve this. I guess it’s a very critical thing to resolve especially knowing that even a bit from that billion of dollars could do enough in areas where it’s actually required. Negotiations, consensus on a particular solution and a commitment to resolve this is the need of the hour.

But who's going to advocate those in power to follow the above paradigm. The answer is " We ". Yes, we can indeed push this initiative and we've got the Web and Google Uncle to back us. So blog about it, tweet it and do whatever is possible.

That's because I still believe it's impossible - I am possible.


roh said...

20 BILLION DOLLARS!! and it seems we are going nowhere :(

roh said...

Arms race is indeed a killer...

Mohit said...

well said.. but its not dat v just take d bomb n throw it at d pakis.. 20 Billion dollars is surely a big amount. but if v start retaliating d way terrorists do - throw a bomb, nytime, den there is no difference bw us n dem... although v had a good chance to throw several bombs after mumbai attacks, n dat was a good opportunity lost.. wat v need is to prepare for the Prevention of Attack mechanism as well as rapid attack mechanism simultaneously. India has great minds to produce its own weapons. We rely on technologies from other countries, dat leaves us dependant on them, and also d fact dat v r using their rejected, low quality weapons. We got enoughbrains of ourselves, and if promoted and directed in proper manner, den even college students will come up with such mind blowing technologies that would give a very stiff competition to ny nation's defence system. We need to propery channelise this 20 billion in such a manner that a good proportion of it goes for research aiming at making india self dependant. Though lot is being done with respect to DRDO, etc. but yet more has to be done. And focus should be on colege students. Coz, colege students have the most dynamic and vivid thinking, and are capable of thinking out of the box, and comming up with the best solutions to many hard core problems.

Saumitra said...

Nice article with VERY FUNNY SOLUTION. HEEHEHE. BLOG AND TWEET about this issue? Do you know the fact that we cannot oppose any budget after WE have ELECTED the PEOPLE WHO MAKE THAT BUDGET. The Only chance we are left with is to choose a sensible leader the next time we get a chance.

This things are there in existence for last many decades. for eg. How Dhirubhai Ambani used to manipulate budgets so that he gets all the butter for his SILK field.

AND ACTUALLY U SHOULD HAVE SEARCHED FOR A TOTAL BUDGET AMOUNT OF INDIA. Rs.7,46,651 crores of only TAX INCOME is expected this year. out of which 20 billion is very less i think to be spent on defense.

The real problem is that the other field too get the enough money but the problem is that it doesnt reach where it SHOULD.

NAVIN said...

Arms race can never end till there is too much negativity in our heart .The 20 billion dollars for a country like india is very less for the protection of country that has been suffering from terroism from so many yrs

Hardik Shah [Guru] said...

@ All above

Thanks and regards for spilling your imagination and thoughts here ...

Just to clear this thing out, I firmly believe doing something is better than doing nothing !!! So the very obvious solution in my hand is using the media to spread this message VIA blogging, tweeting, etc.