Me, myself and Apple PC

30 January, 2010 | | 3 comments |

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Apple's products have been eluding me since years now(including school & college days) and the biggest pain wasn't about not being able to afford when your friends could but not being able to taste the sweetest thing in Technology. Truth be told and for all to agree - Apple has some revolutionary products under its arsenal and their class is EXTRAORDINARY. Now having expressed my anguish and love for it, I had to move on but AVAILABILITY is still a factor for Apple products here in Mumbai | INDIA. Not to be surprised, my friends having Apple iPod Touch or iPhone get a jumping ovation followed by the curiosity of others(including me) to get their hands on it. So people possessing Apple stuff are considered privileged here, better have them if you're visiting my country.

Some retailers here in Mumbai have now officially started selling Apple products claiming they are the lone official Apple reseller but I'm not interested in that and I consider just barging in to get my hands on the Apple products. Looks, quality, functionality and ease of the Apps., H/W, etc is something I look for and I did manage to get all of these at CHROMA | Bandra | Mumbai. Snapping was strictly prohibited but liberal I am and so I managed to get some. The Apple iMac MC207(we PC enthusiasts can also call it as "Apple Desktop Computer"), Apple Macbook Pro MC950 and Apple Macbook Air retails at 56,900/-*, 64,900/-* and 1,07,000/-* respectively. * Local VAT extra.

All my pictures come with a strict DISCLAIMER :

" I'm not endorsing myself with Apple PC. It's only [ME with Apple PC]. "

Apple Macbook Pro MC950

[Apple Macbook Pro MC950]

Apple iMac MC207

[Apple iMac MC207]

Hardik Shah [Guru] with Apple iMac MC207

Me with [Apple iMac MC207]

Hardik Shah [Guru] with Apple iMac MC207

Me with [Apple iMac MC207]

Hardik Shah [Guru] with Apple iMac MC207

Me with [Apple iMac MC207]

Apple Macbook Air

[Apple Macbook Air]

Hardik Shah [Guru] with Apple Macbook Air

Me with [Apple Macbook Air]

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Joel said...

So are you planning to buy an Apple product soon?

Hardik Shah [Guru] said...

@ Joel

Currently I'm all set to buy a new mobile phone and it would have been Apple if I had that [CASH] but like I've said in my post Apple products are still eluding me ... !!!

Technology Gadgets said...
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