A Guide to SQL Server Management Studio 2005

19 December, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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Like a lot of my friends and followers knew from my Twitter and Facebook updates, I had enrolled for a Seven Saturday series on System Administration courtesy - MumbaiIT Pro. The series which has its final session today saw some of the most prominent professionals from India's I.T. industry leaving their footprint in the minds of the audience with their enlivening and comprehensive coverage on the topics of their strength. The audience on the other hand were also enthralled and kept alive with contests and other Q & A sessions. Such a huge party in town and how can I stay behind? Having said this I had my intuition going strong before the start of this programme and hence I decided to volunteer in it with contributions in the form of Twitter updates and technical write-ups inspite of my jobbing blues and busy schedules.

The right time and the topic came and I decided to write in brief on SQL Server 2005 which I guess was a topic of my strength since I've been developing on ASP.Net using Visual Studio 2008 IDE and SQL Server 2005 Express as my back-end. So here I sat using all Office and web tools to get a writeup done but the climax turned out to be much more interesting - I just went on & on and ended up making a guide on the topic which now even included SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and a lot many sub-topics below it. A special thanks to Mark O'Neill - Managing Director of MakeUseOf whose "A Complete Guide to Twitter" was a very good source of inspiration to me and I emulated it quite well using Microsoft Office Word 2007. What ensued was that I have even applied for the post of a Writer on their portal.

Table of Contents in the Guide

1] Introduction

• What is SQL Server 2005 ?
• Anatomy of Database files
• Types of databases in SQL Server 2005
• A quick overview of the SQL Server Management Studio 2005 Wizard
• How to Login ?
• How to create a database using the Wizard ?
• How to execute a query ?
• Using diagnostic SQL Queries

2] Backup and Recovery

• Types of Backup
• Anatomy of Backup files
• How to take a backup ?
• How to restore from a backup ?

3] Security

• Creating Logins

You can download the Guide : Here