My web-site and it's story so far ....

21 July, 2009 | | 0 comments |

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I've been a computer freak since I was a kid but the computer syndrome has been running wild in me since my engineering days. As a result my peers have derived a lot many names for me. My younger brother Jigish, uncle Paresh and some of my childhood pals define me as:

"<~~Guru~~> toh Computer ka Keeda hai jo kucch na kucch pura din sochte rehta hai aur Computer pe kucch karte rehta hai"

But to be frank, they define me complete. I'll keep my heads down and make a confession-"I'm a computer freak and an addict and proud to be one. Everything about computers is in my realms of interest. And if it's programming then-Guru says Lolz... "

A lot of my friends, relatives and online pals were curious as to what am I upto with my web-site I'll get you up, close and personal with my web-site in this blog. So here's the story from scratch.

I always wanted to have my own web-site which I consider it as an asset to own in the web. And I indeed had one in my second year of engineering but like a usual procrastinator, sometimes that I am, I kept my work pending on it. Truth be told, there were a lot many reasons which contributed to my web-site being untouched for such a lot time. I had proliferated into Networking, Java, web development, software testing etc then and my priorities and interest had changed. But now that I've graduated, I've got ample time to work on my web-site and put all my ideas into it. I have my own space where my imaginations and insights can flow. Now I can proudly proclaim about my web-site-"This is my space. This is what I am. It's a bigger than life picture about me. No conditions, rules and restrictions apply here".

And believe me the response to my creation was awesome. The daily traffic has increased by more than five times and people are leaving behind valuable comments to help improve my creation. What's really surprising to see is that now people are curious as to what I'll be coming up with my site. Nothing can be more pleasing to witness the transition and growth of your own creation. With all the above pro's I'll recommend having a web-site for all engineering students or anybody who is into today's Information Technology loop.

Coming back to my web-site, I've been working on it since one month now and it's shaping up really well and better then what I was expecting. Already done with a majority of sections like My Blogs, Twitter, My Projects etc. Now I'm currently working on the Main page and Tech. World section. Surely, would like to make it up and running as fast as possible. Also in the near future I'd like to develop my site in ASP.Net.


Guru says Lolz.....