Micorsoft's Imagine Cup 2009 is back....

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Hey friends Microsoft's Imagine Cup is back. Most of us are in B.E.(last year); so it's our last chance. It's your best oppurtunity to gain and to prove that there's more which lies within you then just books. This competition is for non-students(i.e. Mentors/Guests) as well.

Q] So what is Imagine Cup...?
A] The Imagine Cup is a global student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world issues like Poverty, Terrorism, Unemployment, Shortage of Basic Amenities, etc with the help of technology, software etc.

Q] And how the problems can be addressed...?
A] The Imagine Cup challenges the world's most talented students to "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today." Some might use technology to help a brother or sister get an education. Or find entirely new approaches for medicine. Or discover ways to counter the inequalities that exist between genders around the world. These students might ensure the sustainability of our planet or help deliver universal primary education. Yeah, it's that important.

Q] What are the Competition categories in which I can participate...?
A] This is a very subjective question and it depends very much on your own liking. For example, there's IT Challenge which includes a small Round 1 quiz on technologies like Windows XP/Vista, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, Sharepoint Server 2007, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Dynamics, IIS 7.0 etc. You'll require a score of 15 out of 30 to qualify for the Round 2. Round 2 will start in February, 2009 and will have a similar Quiz and a small case-study. Ample time is given for case-study so don't need to worry. Students qualifying for 3rd round will get an all paid trip to global finals in Cairo, Egypt. Similarly other categories have their own rounds.

The above is just the road-map for just "IT challenge". Similarly, there are different rounds for various other categories with different tasks. You can also form your team of upto 4 members.

Some other categories are:
--> Software Design
--> Embedded Development
--> Game Development
--> Robotics and Algorithm
--> IT Challenge
--> MashUp
--> Photography
--> Short Film
--> Design

Steps to Register:
1] Goto www.imaginecup.com and click on Register.
2] Fill up the all the reqd. credentials of the form and insert hardikguru as the referral code.(Plz. do that else I won't be able to report/administer your scores).
3] On successful completion you'll see another form.
3] Select the categories in which you want to participate.(For IT and Comps. people select IT challenge and rest is your choice). Complete the required fields.
4] On successful completion of this form, you'll get an activation link on your E-mail address. Plz. click on the sent link to complete the verification process.

1] Registrations will close on February 31st, 2009.
2] Plz. don't forget to insert hardikguru as the referral code.
3] I need to drive atleast 40 entries so pass on the link to other college students if possible to help me.

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