Poster 2: Happy New Year 2015

03 January, 2015 | | 0 comments |

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Wishing a very happy new year to all my readers! This is the second in the series of posters putting to use the basic principles of Design. The goal of the poster was to wish my friends a new year on WhatsApp (a personal messaging client) on Phone.

Some details on the process and content -

  • The underlying principles of Design used are Proximity, Alignment and Repetition. Typography and Iconography were the elements used for the content. 
  • The poster uses an optimistic vocabulary with a black background. 
  • The black background with white text complements the experience of the reader on a smartphone to focus on the content since the time constraints for visual communication is an average of 3 seconds in this case. 
  • I have added the copyright mark on the bottom right corner since the first poster to give myself credit for the work if it's shared.

The Photoshop assets of the poster can be found here:

Things next: Adobe Illustrator works better for illustrations (like a poster) than Adobe Photoshop. Particularly for grids and object alignment. I'll have to migrate.